Contrado Company Background

Contrado is an online mail-order photo imaging service for people who want to use their photos in creative and original ways. We offer a custom production service creating high quality goods manufactured in the UK to provide a fast turnaround to discerning customers. It works by customers supplying their own images or original photographs to Contrado, or uploading photos to website, to order innovative products at excellent prices. It's a simple, and easy to use service.

When did Contrado start?


What is your company ethos?

Creative products well made in quick order.

What was the thinking behind developing a photo imaging business?

With the huge move into digital cameras and the decline in film and traditional 'prints' we realised there is a need for the photos to come out in different forms.

Why has the company been developed?

To fill the gap left by traditional photo print processing, and provide a fulfilment service to photo finishing industry for new imaging products.

Why was the decision taken to create a solely online business?

Digital images can be handled more effectively online - there is no reason to burden a customer with marching up the high street to get high quality products and service. Our mail-order service is excellent and also picks up orders from traditional original photographs sent in to us.

What plans do you have to develop the business?

Plenty. Our UK distribution is expanding daily. We are exploring international partners and increasing our sales in new territories. Trade partnerships are increasing in volume. Proven demand and steady business relationships mean franchising looks possible.